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Nine-year-old Matthew and his best friend, Jeremy, have been terrorized by bullies. Jeremy was terribly injured and hospitalized. Matthew was determined to return to the area they were attacked to find Jeremy’s book bag when he was chased by those same bullies. While running from them, he falls into a puddle of muddy water with broken glass, cutting his skin all over his body. He finds his way home and falls into a deep sleep. He wakes up to all sorts of new changes with superpowers, which he used all for good and became Kid Hero until Angela and Dalton, two bad laboratory technicians, needed Matthew’s blood to attain his superpowers. Matthew finds his self being bullied in a whole new way.


Kid Hero

a book by Delsea Flowers

56 Pages

Published by

Xlibris on August 31, 2016

Book tags
Fiction / Action & Adventure
Humor / General