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Delsea Flowers


Delsea Flowers is the writer, executive producer, and second director of the inspirational movie, “Book of Songs.” “Book of Songs” was distributed by Maverick Entertainment Group and released in January of 2010. Delsea started writing songs at the age of fourteen as a hobby and continued into her adult age. Delsea was struck with a tragedy in 1998, losing her five-month-old daughter from a congenital heart disease. Delsea was told she could not return back to work as a correctional officer until she was able to talk about her loss without crying. She began to talk until she felt people were tired of hearing about her loss. She began to write about it until it almost became a book. That is when she began to let go of her loss and directed her writing toward plays and screen plays. Years later, Delsea was diagnosed with breast cancer and felt the effects of another frightening battle that she, again, must conquer. After looking death in the face, she decided to do something big. She teamed up with Dr. Noel Howell and Courtney Boyd and invested what little money she had in the movie “Book of Songs.” Many believed that this was a mission that could not be accomplished, but her faith and belief in looking beyond what lies in sight motivated Delsea to launch out and complete this movie.


Delsea is an individual that believes one can accomplish the impossible. No task is too hard or too unattainable if one continues to focus on the individual that transforms the unseen into realities. Delsea believes that her calling lies within the film industry of writing, producing, and directing movies that inspire others to be all that they are chosen to be. Delsea is a motivational individual that believes everyone deserves the opportunity to release their voice and skills in a positive manner. She believes that everyone deserves a chance.


Delsea is a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Delsea is a humble individual that meets no strangers but only persons that are on a directed path of their choice. Through, in, and by her writings, she prays that some of these paths can be interchanged to revolve prominent beings within society. In November 2013, Delsea wrote a book titled “Stop Mourning, Start Growing.” It was published by Xlibris. This book is Delsea Flowers’s written story on what got her started writing. Delsea’s second book is a screenplay she has written and turned into a book titled “Gentell’s Eyes.”